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Upbeat Global inspires positivity through leadership and music around the world.
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Meet Dr. Matthew Arau 

President, Founder & CEO of Upbeat Global, Motivational Speaker, Guest Conductor, Personal & Career Coach

"Our thoughts are the upbeats to our actions.

Our attitude is the upbeat to any situation.

We choose our thoughts and our attitude.

We choose our upbeat."

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Success Stories

The world is ready to embrace the good thoughts you bring to the forum. It will be a benefit to everyone to hear the good words you share.

- Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser

Dr. Tim.jpg

Matthew Arau unlocks the musical superpowers within everyone he meets. His infectious optimism and spirit of gratitude naturally shine through as he inspires students and teachers alike to pursue their passion for music

- Scott R. Sheehan, NAfME National President &

Director of Bands & Music Dept. Chair,

Hollidaysburg Area Senior High School

Scott Sheehan.jpg

What a gift you are, Matthew! We are so fortunate to have had you share such an impactful life/leadership perspective with us and our awesome students. I am looking forward to our next collaboration. We all need this training every-single-year!

- Tamara Williams, Choir Director

Traverse City Central High School, Michigan

Tamara Williams.jpeg

Sending my student leaders to The Upbeat Global Leadership Academy was an easy decision! The students came back inspired, motivated to serve their section/band in a more meaningful way.

- Allison Lacasse Band Director

Belmont High School, Massachusetts

Allison Lacasse.jpg

I wanted to send a quick note to let you know how the work you introduced yesterday is impacting my mindset already. 
I woke up this morning intending to think about something I am grateful for and to use my G.E.T.
TM statements to think about my upcoming day. These two simple practices are exactly what I was looking for to shape my thoughts as I start my day, and I can’t wait to realize the positive changes in my mindset over time from this shift. 
Thank you for providing us with a toolkit to improve both our leadership skills and our wellbeing!

Jessica Vaughn, Associate Band Director, Cherry Creek High School, Denver, Colorado.

Jessica Vaughn.jpeg

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