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Listen to some of the Podcasts Dr. Arau has been featured on. 

Dr. Matthew Arau sits down with Adam Christie for an interview on the Directors Podium podcast. Dr. Arau talks about Vulnerability and during the interview, Adam has a huge surprise for Matthew! Check it out! 

Listen to more of The Directors Podium Podcast: CLICK HERE

Watch as Matthew Arau and Adam Christie sit for an Interview on the Leading Change podcast.  They discuss, Speed of Trust and When it is Lost, the Greatest Challenge, the  Best Movie Demonstrating Leadership, the Mount Rushmore of Leaders,  Your "Popeye" Moment, and How to Fight Racism. 

Listen to more of The Podcast Leading Change: CLICK HERE

This week's show is a really uplifting and positive step into 2021 with an inspiring leader and director. Matthew Arau is Chair of the Music Education Department and Associate Director of Bands at the Lawrence University and Founder of Upbeat Global which focuses on leadership and professional development in our music education community!

Listen to more of The Global Bandroom Podcast: CLICK HERE

Disrupting the status quo for 21st century performers and educators, "Dismantling Dissonance" is a platform for honest conversations about how we can incorporate new ideas into projects in order to create content and connect in a more meaningful way. Listen as Bailey Poesnecker interviews Dr. Matthew Arau.

Listen to more of the Dismantling Dissonance Podcast: CLICK HERE

In this time of social distancing, it can be hard to stay motivated, moving and positive. Join Eric as he interviews Dr. Matthew Arau on how the power of positivity and a shift to a growth mindset can help you be successful and healthy during these different times.

Listen to more of the Not Your Forte Podcast: CLICK HERE


  • How a tennis racket, some empty Baskin Robbins tubs, and a 6th grade Dixieland group launched a musical career.

  • The tremendous program at Rio Americano High School in Sacramento, California and Matthew’s appearance on the Mickey Mouse Club Show with his own Dixieland group.

  • Thoughts about building a culture of excellence in a band program.

  • Matthew's experience as an undergraduate at Lawrence University where he earned a quadruple degree!

  • Early teaching in Colorado and how it ultimately led to his current position as the Director of Bands at Lawrence University.

  • Thoughts on leadership and how to create servant leaders in your band program.

Listen to more of The Everything Band Podcast: CLICK HERE

Today I spoke with Dr. Matthew Arau, professor at Lawrence University in Wisconsin.  He talks about keeping a positive mindset going through this time, and what it means to lead with the upbeat in mind.  Below are some ways to connect with Dr. Arau and hear some of his recent webinars.

Listen to more of the Leading Band Through Covidland Podcast: CLICK HERE

Not Your Forte Podcast

The Proactive Leader with Dr. Matthew Arau

What makes a good leader? How can I be a leader in my college? How can I be a leader when I’m teaching? These questions and more are going to be explored in the latest series of Not Your Forte titled, “Habits of Successful Music Educators”. Join Dr. Payne, Eric and an assortment of guests for this seven part series as we all look to become better leaders for ourselves, for our peers and for our future students.

This week we kick it off by bringing Dr. Matthew Arau, the Chair of the Music Ed. Dept. at Lawrence University and Founder/CEO of Upbeat Global, back to the podcast to talk about the importance of being a Proactive Leader and what all that entails.

Listen to more of the Not Your Forte Podcast: CLICK HERE

Music Ed Mentor Podcast

Upbeat Mindset in Downbeat Times

Six months ago, when the school shut down first started, I reached out to my friend Dr. Matthew Arau to join me for a series of webinars we called “Living in Tune.” Our goal for these webinars was to give people a single time—once per week—to get away from all of the stress, and to join in a group setting to refocus and rethink the way we approached our challenges.

Matthew is the founder of Upbeat Global, an organization that aims to inspire positivity through leadership and music throughout the United States and around the world. He joins me in today’s discussion as we share what helps us weather our storms with a peaceful heart, and to find joy every day. I hope that you grow with us through this episode and that it brings you a bit of strength, no matter what challenges you’re facing.

Listen to more of the Music Ed Mentor Podcast: CLICK HERE

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