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What Can Dr. Arau Do For You?

Providing services that meet the client’s needs is Dr. Arau #1 priority. Whether it’s staff development, student leadership training, personal coaching or program consultations, Dr. Arau will work with you to customize his services to your needs.

Student Leadership Workshops

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Respected around the world for his Upbeat! Leadership Workshops, Dr. Arau customizes his virtual student leadership session for each group and different situation. Get ready to embrace The Power of G.E.T.TM and be inspired to reach higher. Contact Dr. Arau to discuss and for pricing details.

Choose from the following time options: 

  • 1 hour, 2 hours or all day (5 hours total)

  • A series of 1-2 hour trainings spread out over 2-4 days.

Select what works best for you from the following choices:

  • Student Leadership Team from one band, choir, or orchestra. 

  • Entire band, choir, or orchestra from one school. 

  • Entire music program from one school or school district. 

  • Student Leaders from various areas in one high school or school district. (i.e. music, athletics, student council, ROTC, etc.)

  • Multiple schools come together for an electrifying experience.

Student Leadership Workshops

Keynote & Motivational Speaker

Invited to deliver in-person and virtual keynote addresses all over the country, Dr. Arau delivery is high-impact, passionate, and engaging. Audience members will laugh, cry, and get up out of their seats for an inspiring, motivational, and energetic session. Contact Dr. Arau to discuss and for pricing details.

Topics, include:

  • Living the Spirit of G.E.T.TM

  • Music is our Superpower!

  • Upbeat Mindset for Downbeat Times

  • Mindset Reset: Mindfulness and Positive Thinking Strategies for the Music Educator

  • Unlocking Potential: The Impact of Mindset on Success

Arau smiling at the mic in concert black
Keynote & Motivational Speaker

Professional Development & Consultant


Dr. Arau brings his unique brand of hands-on and engaging presenting and teaching to music, fine-arts, and all staff professional development. Whether you are looking for virtual PD for a small group or an entire school district, Dr. Arau delivers meaningful, research-based, skill-building, engaging sessions, ranging from 1 hour to 1 day. Select one topic or mix-and-match to suit your needs: growth mindset, student leadership, engaging rehearsal techniques, The Power of G.E.T.TM, positive thinking strategies, culture-building, mindfulness, and building connections.

Designed for those who want to have an experienced, fresh set of eyes and ears help take you music program to the next level. Dr. Arau works with you, through Zoom sessions, interviews with your team, and observations of rehearsals to present an effective and achievable plan for your next steps towards achieving a higher level of excellence in culture, leadership, and connection. Contact Dr. Arau to discuss and for pricing options.

Professional Develoment & Program Consultant

Corporate & Team Building

Designed for organizations of all types, businesses, non-profit groups, and athletic teams, Dr. Arau’s Upbeat! Team building events will lead to laughter, unity, and a pathway forward. Embracing difference and finding common ground, participants will come to a greater understanding of each other and discover that together they can achieve so much more. Sessions range from 1-2 hours and can be customized to fit your organization. Contact Dr. Arau to discuss and for pricing options.

Coporate Team Building.jpg
Corpoate & Team Building
Personal & Career Coach.jpg

Personal & Career Coach

Designed for those who want to take their life to the next level. Personal coaching sessions are tailored to you and your needs and desires. Dr. Arau meets with you virtually once a week or twice a month, depending on your schedule and availability. Personal coaching programs elevate your mindset, personal wellbeing, leadership skills, and musicianship. You deserve the V.I.P. treatment. If you are ready to grow, stretch, and reach to unlock the potential within, this is the program for you. Contact Dr. Arau for a free introductory session and for pricing options.

Personal & Career Coach

Guest Conductor

Dr. Arau is a highly sought after guest clinician. He has conducted honor bands in Australia, Greece, Cyprus, and Malaysia, and All-State honor bands across the United States. Dr. Matthew Arau combines his talents as a musician on the podium and his message of Upbeat! for an unforgettable conducting experience for all those who play under his baton. 

Dr. Arau Conducting LUWE in Stillwater.jpg
Guest Condutor

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