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Lesley Moffat and Dr. Matthew Arau sit down for a cup of tea to discuss Dr. Arau's new book Upbeat! Mindset, Mindfulness, and Leadership in Music Education and Beyond.

Recent Interviews

In Episode 31 of Pass the Baton, Kathryn and Theresa spoke with Dr. Matthew Arau about how we can use these to create a culture for student empowerment. Dr. Arau is the author of the book, Upbeat: Mindfulness, Mindset, and Leadership in Music Education and Beyond, and is also the founder of Upbeat Global.

Dr. Matthew Arau sits down with Adam Christie for an interview on the Directors Podium podcast. Dr. Arau talks about Vulnerability and during the interview, Adam has a huge surprise for Matthew! Check it out! 

Watch as Matthew Arau and Adam Christie sit for an Interview on the Leading Change podcast.  They discuss, Speed of Trust and When it is Lost, the Greatest Challenge, the  Best Movie Demonstrating Leadership, the Mount Rushmore of Leaders,  Your "Popeye" Moment, and How to Fight Racism. 

Upbeat Global is proud to partner with music educators from across the world! In this video, Matthew is interviewed by Michael Jones, the Artistic Director of the Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Music Festival in Queensland, Australia.

This video is from the “Not Your Forte” Podcast. This is a music education podcast that is geared towards helping Music Education students survive and thrive throughout their undergrad as well as prepare to enter the "real world". Not Your Forte is brought to you by Eric Tinkler, a senior in music education at Kansas State and Dr. Phillip Payne, the Undergraduate Music Education advisor at Kansas State.

What makes a good leader? How can I be a leader in my college? How can I be a leader when I’m teaching? These questions and more are going to be explored in the latest series of Not Your Forte titled, “Habits of Successful Music Educators”. Join Dr. Payne, Eric and an assortment of guests for this seven part series as we all look to become better leaders for ourselves, for our peers and for our future students.

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Arau Speaks On Positivity


Living In Tune Series

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