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Finish 2020 Strong Challenge

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

You got this! Let’s end the year on an Upbeat by taking on the Upbeat Global Finish 2020 Strong Challenge. There’s no fee or registration… Just a desire to focus on the LIGHT amidst the darkness. Here are 6 simple strategies that have changed my life. I hope that they bring you joy and inspiration this holiday season.

1. Wake up every morning to your “opportunity clock” instead of your alarm clock and focus on joy, gratitude, comfort, or what you are looking forward to that day with eager anticipation. 2. Focus on a positive thought for 17 seconds in the morning so that the thought becomes a sticky thought and attracts more positive thoughts. 3. Visualize the day you want to create in your mind. Imagine your day with energy and enthusiasm. See yourself making a positive difference in someone’s life today and then take action and follow through. 4. Choose to focus on what you GET to do and what you can do rather than on what you can’t do. Focus on what you enjoy rather than on what you don’t enjoy. Focus on the goodness in others rather than on what annoys you. 5. From now until the end of December, write down three things or people that you are grateful for. You can do this on your computer, phone, or in a notebook. Review your gratitude journal at the end of the month. 6. In the spirit of the Holidays, share your appreciation and gratitude for someone with them. It will raise both of your spirits! For extra credit, invite your friends and family to join you in this challenge by sharing this email. Ask them to visit and join the Upbeat Community for the Upbeat Newsletter and free access to Upbeat articles, videos, podcasts, blogs, and info on upcoming Upbeat Global events. Please spread the positivity of the Finish 2020 Strong Challenge and tag Upbeat Global on social media so that we can cheer you on.

This week is the Upbeat to the New Year. Let’s all finish 2020 strong and start 2021 refreshed!

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